Spatter & SparkMeet Spatter & SparkTM

Spatter the porcupine is an artist who sees the beauty of the world around him and wants to share it with others. His friend, Spark the fox, loves to create inventions and solve problems – though as kids will discover, sometimes her inventions might cause more problems than they solve! Despite their differences, Spatter and Spark are best friends because they appreciate each other’s strengths and rely on one-another for help when they need it.

Spatter & Spark

Spatter and Spark
Crow's House


  • Engaging story from New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood
    An original story from the acclaimed author of The Quiet Book and The Loud Book.
  • Build inventions with Spark and create artwork with Spatter
    Children build their spatial intelligence while assembling inventions with Spark and flex their creative muscles while virtually painting with Spatter in the story.
  • Gorgeous artwork from artist Luciana Navarro Powell, the illustrator of Goodnight Safari
    Explore the world of Spatter & Spark as you meet all the characters in the story – from Ada the mouse to Hubert the new baby crow.
  • Four fun activities invite children to learn while helping the characters from the story
    Children collect bugs for Hubert’s dinner and help Spark tame her out of control balloons while developing important early learning skills.


  • ★★★★ “This adorable story about an artistic porcupine named Spatter and his inventive best friend Spark encourages kids to work with friends to solve problems.” –
  • ★★★★★ “Pitch-perfect enhancements and a lot of thoughtful care in development make this a seamless storytelling experience your kids will return to over and over.” –Digital Storytime
  • “Spatter & Spark strikes the right balance between interactive bells and whistles and a good, old-fashioned story.” –PadGadget
  • ★★★★★ “I love how this app encourages children to be creative, and to want to invent things and learn how things work!” –iPhone Mom


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